At RA!, We believe in the power of holistic, personalized healing and Wellness.

Our goal is to inspire others to take their health into their own hands and fearlessly follow their dreams with the help of premium, Whole Spectrum™Hemp Products.


Richard and Alla


We believe in the need to prioritize personal transformation to enrich our planet and the people on it. Our collective experiences in recent years has reinforced the importance of intentionality, focusing on what genuinely improves our existence, and surrounding ourselves with the people and necessities that truly matter and make us better.

Our #1 goal is to inspire people to fearlessly follow their dreams. Individually we’ve had a lot of success with Hemp which is why we’ve created each product with Whole-Spectrum™ extractions from locally sourced hemp.

RA! is our way of contributing to the cultivation of living in   recognition and elimination of the roadblocks that keep us from fully realizing our individual potential. Our tinctures, balms, creams, and other herbal products provide an easy, natural way for you and the ones you love to ‘Live Free in Wonder’ and to live RA!✌🏽🖤


Adopted at the age of six, Richard was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin – East Side – If you know it, you dig it. Growing up hard and fast, he learned about the importance and significance of family and personal identity. It was in the early 2000s, after attending private school that Richard found himself in the wild world of rock and roll. 

It wasn’t until life in his 40’s that Richard discovered the rich benefits of Hemp for himself and his loved ones.

After the experience with Polar Bear, inspired and enlightened, Richards love for hemp-centered wellness soared and in working along side his partner-in-crime Alla, RA! was born. Richard continues to thrive on life in Milwaukee, inspiring adventure, authenticity and building relationships with other local business owners.


Alla began her work as a professional herbalist California in the late ‘90s. Throughout these years immersed in the world of plants and healing, she taught herbal classes, served private clients, and founded the first craft kombucha company in the world, Nessalla.

For Alla and her family,hemp has become a staple in their wellness and she loves teaching others about its benefits and variety of uses. Alla now resides in Madison, Wisconsin where she continues to create custom, medicinal remedies from locally sourced plants to share with her local community in the midwest.


Whole Heartedly
Hemp .

We’re motivated to make a more wonderful world for all of us, one dose at a time. That is why the inception and production of our products is driven by the dragonfly –  a symbol of change, transformation, and selfrealization. It teaches us to love life and have faith, rejoicing authentically amidst life’s celebrations and difficulties.
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