Best Local Places to Shop Small in Madison, Wisconsin

Best Places to Shop in Wisconsin

Best Local Places to Shop Small in Madison, Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin is one of those places that immediately feel like home. With a population of close to 300k, Madison is in Dane County and widely remarked as one of the best places to live in Wisconsin and offers residents an urban suburban mix feel. If you’re just visiting, count on visiting a lot of bars, farm-to-table restaurants, gyms, coffee shops, and beautiful parks. With such a variety of local offerings and cool people, it’s no wonder why so many small business owners have become some of our best friends!

In 2015, Madison accounted for over 50.07% of business according to, with changes after the pandemic creating a boom pushing the small business numbers to record levels in 2021. Small business owners have such a big impact on the community and give the most back, which is why at RA!, we believe in the power of voting with your dollars. So many people we know and love count on the support of the local community for survival (Us too! We are local and small!), so whether you’re living local or planning a summer trip to explore, be sure to visit as many local Madison favorites as you can. To get you started, here’s a list of a few of our favorites and why we love them.

  1. Glitter WorkshopMadison, WI
    A Place to Created
    Our HBIC, Alla loves a good (or any) reason to craft and The Glitter Workshop has like 10 of them. Book a workshop like candle pouring, bath bomb making, acrylic paint pouring, crystal sun-catcher creating and so many others and plan on getting your hands dirty. Don’t worry – it’s good for you. If crafting isn’t your thing, or you’re looking for a great gift idea, this  epicly-named store also offers pre-made, purchasable items like mugs, jewelry, art prints and so much more. We’ll see you there and we may or may not throw glitter at you.

  1. Change Boutique – Madison, WI
    Accessible, Ethical Clothing
    Madison resident Nikki Anderson sought to find a way to blend creativity with her passion for social work and came up with a great way to share sustainable products and teach sustainable practices in garment production. Filled with beautiful items you can feel good about buying, and founded on the believe that, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”, we agree, change is born at the boutique! 

  1. Forest Coaching and StudiosMadison, WI
    Holistic Health & Fitness Coaching
    After enjoying all that cheese, you’ll be happy to hear that the local Kettlebell Queen, Annie Forest of Forest Coaching and Studios, is a fan of using dairy products to heal and regulate your metabolism. Average Joe or Weekend Warrior, they’ve got something (based in neuro-science) for you. After a free initial consultation, you can get to work with Madison’s best personal trainers that coach from the heart, for your healthiest body. If it’s not private coaching you’re looking for, they’ve got great online courses you can take from home and kick-butt classes to keep you moving year-round. Yeah yeah, workouts can make you a little sore but that’s why they keep our RA! CBD Freeze on their shelves.

  1. Nutzy Mutz & Crazy Catz – Pet Store
    We are self-proclaimed crazy-pet-people. We love Nutzy Mutz because they are as passionate about helping animals, people and building a community of heart-centered peeps in town as well are. Since their doors opened in 2006, we’ve popped in to buy our furry friends sustainably sourced pet-products, and always linger to chat with their people and pet-loving team of experts. Plus they have animals (you can pet!) of all shapes and sizes like cats Melina, Kiki and Cheerio and their friend Reuben the Rooster.

  1. Good Style Shop – Vintage Clothing
    Why do we love them? Three words: Vintage Color Blocking. Madison, Wisconsin may have its own style, and you can never go wrong here. Visit Good Style Shop and can get lost in this small store filled with a broad range of vintage fashion ranging form Victoriana through the late 1990’s streetwear. Pick us up a sick flatbill or hoodie if you find something we can’t live without, ok?


Frannie’s Market – Cedarburg, WI
Quality Local Goods
What isn’t to like about Frannie and her market? Trick question – there isn’t anything. We like to go in, see what is in season, stay for a bite and take home a ton of cheese. Listen, when a market, employed by midwest’s finest combines shopping locally, unique classes, food and wine, fun is to be had all around. Whether you’re there to grab locally made staples or learn how to build a tabletop terrarium, definitely bring home some cheese – you won’t be disappointed.

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