CBD for Dads with Richard Bowman

CBD for Dads

CBD for Dads with Richard Bowman

Gift ideas for dad can be tricky. Fathers Day is right around the corner and the idea of gift-giving can leave you pondering, what do you get the man that already has it all? If there’s one self-care item you can bet he hasn’t thought of buying for himself, it’s CBD.

A few years ago, CBD (aka cannabidiol) began taking the world of wellness by storm due to its numerous plant-based health benefits. Trending as an alternative to popping pills, its calming and anti-inflammatory benefits are now available as edibles, balms, creams, and so much more. What dad doesn’t need a reason and a means to chill out!

We asked RA! owner and dad, Richard Bowman, about his experience with CBD, and he has a lot to say about it. 

“How has CBD helped me as a father? It’s helped me BE a better father. CBD has helped me stay active and present with my son. I may feel and play like a kid at heart, but as anyone old enough to have kids knows, joint pain, a job and a mind that wont quit can hold you back from being everything your kid needs you to be. Time with your kids is so important and that time needs to be spent focused and kind. CBD has helped me do just that. From better sleep to less physical discomfort from the inevitable ‘wearing out’ process, I really feel better and more available to my kid.”

This year, show dad just how much you care by giving him the gift that keeps on giving – relaxation! Here are a few of Richards favorite dad-worthy products:


Sure, there are many ways to prevent muscle soreness from working out excessively. Just ask your friend who’s the fitness freak: stretching, using the correct weights for your tolerance, saunas and cryotherapy. But who has the time! Sometimes you’ll need more than just what you can do at the gym.

“I love to play laser tag, ride bikes and skate with my kid, but those favorite activities can leave me a bit achy the next day. A few swipes over tired muscles with CBD Freeze sets me straight as the menthal, arnica, tea tree oil and aloe vera goes to work on the pain and inflammation.”

Comparable to BioFreeze or Icy Hot, this muscle freeze gel dries quickly without leaving a residue. This cold therapy gel is infused with high quality CBD and is perfect for the back, neck, shoulder and hips.


Does dad love a snack and have a sweet tooth? A gummy snack could be just the way to go. With a variety of options for flavors and potency, fruit chew edibles are some of our best sellers because they taste great, and come with very little guilt, if any!

“The RA! CBD Fruit chews are a playful, all-natural way for me to get a good dose and an even better zen. Even if you’re not a sweets fan, these taste great and give me a chill vibe for any activity.”

CBD-infused edibles but the fun back in functional wellness as something you can add to your diet while watching a ball game to complete or enhance it.


Having kids does not mix with not being able to have a restful sleep.. Not only for the mom or dad not getting the rest he/she needs, but also for the people (yes the kids) in the home. 

“There is literally nothing that will set me up for the day ahead like a good night of sleep. I just don’t always get the quality hours my body needs. On the nights when I can’t fall asleep or I think I’m going to wake up in the middle of the night, I reach for RA! CBD Sleep Drops.”

These drops are made with a CBD tincture, which, due to its high bioavailability (easy absorption into the body), makes it an effective, long-lasting sleep remedy compared to other ingestible products like edibles, capsules and beverages. Step one: Drop a dose under your tongue before you brush your teeth at night. Step two: Sweet dreams!

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