Bone Broth and CBD Tincture for Pets

CBD for Pets

Bone Broth and CBD Tincture for Pets

Let’s get on with it… the hack is bone broth! 

CBD is topping the charts as the best health support for both pets and people! We believe that your dog’s health regimen is as important as your own because they experience a lot of the same issues we do, like anxiety, appetite changes, pain and inflammation. While we fully believe in the power of CBD to increase the quality of our pets’ lives, they don’t always love the taste of it, so we’ve created ours with a tasty bone broth collagen!

We know it’s a hit from first hand experience! Our pup is too smart for his own good. As he is getting up there in age (8 years old), he has some issues with inflammation in his joints. It is so important to supplement their diet at this stage of life to improve quality of and longevity of life, so after deciding to put him on a CBD regimen for senior dogs, we set out on a mission to create one that the pets would rave about. 

In our research to create the best pet CBD products on the market (like our RA! Bone Broth Tincture), we checked out a bunch of studies and stories about what CBD can do for your pet.

Here’s what we learned about how your pets can benefit from CBD supplementation:

1. Behavioral Issues (Stress/Anxiety)

Pets can misbehave for all sorts of reasons. For some, it’s the noise of  fireworks, or anxiety from separation issues when we leave them to go to work. Because they don’t know how to voice their feelings like we do, they can resort to chewing on things that don’t belong to them or worse, have physical responses like trembling or hiding. We’ve found that CBD oil can help our pets stay peaceful, sleep easier and feel less stress and anxiety and therefore help them with their behavior.

2. Joint Mobility

CBD oil is becoming well known to provide pain relief for both large and small breeds. As your dog gets older, especially if they are predisposed to joint issues like arthritis, the chemical compounds and cannabinoids in CBD oil can lubricate joints, reduce pain and help with mobility.

3. Skin and Coat Issues

When it comes to our pets, itchiness and skin issues can be difficult to diagnose and treat. While symptoms can be caused by a variety of things, the natural oils and cannabinoids have helped our family pets’ skin by reducing flakes, irritation and inflammation as well as to help improve their coat overall.

As pet owners ourselves, we decided to do whatever it took to be able to offer the best Whole Spectrum CBD oil to our pets and yours so we created the RA! Pet Tincture. Show Fido how much you care by dropping a bit of Bone Broth and/or a CBD Tincture onto their next meal!

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