CBD Gave Me 4 More Months with My Best Friend

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CBD Gave Me 4 More Months with My Best Friend

Hey all! Richard here. Today, February 9th, is the anniversary of the loss of our beloved family dog, Polar Bear.

This is the true story about my first real encounter with CBD, seeing the benefits of how it can alleviate ailments, help with inflammation and create overall wellbeing.

Polar Bear was 11 and a half years old, and towards the end of her life, she kept getting sick and we couldn’t figure out why.

She was visibly run down when one night during dinner things took a turn for the worst. Myself, Alla and my son Kias knew she needed immediate help, so we took her to the after hours Veterinary ER. What I thought was going to be a few hundred dollars, some tests and maybe medication, ended up with the devastating news that Polar Bear was riddled with cancer.

One of the most dangerous tumors was filling up a pocket in her heart. The tumor would fill with liquid and constrain her heart. We watched helplessly as she would fall down and begin to seize, wondering if and when it would finally stop heart. It was it was horrific watching our best friend go through this. 

All of a sudden my partner and I were having the conversation about ‘quality of life’ with the vets. It’s eleven forty five at night, Kias is asleep in the backseat, and I’m not prepared to say goodbye to my best friend. Not Yet. There had to be another option.

Alla, (a twenty year herbalist) and I continued talking about alternative medicine. We talked about starting a CBD regimen, go over everything she knew about it, and any other herbs that could possibly help Polar Bear relax and spend whatever time she had left in a more relaxed state.

I mean this, as sure as I am sitting here now: beginning a CBD regimen bought us four months extra with that dog.

Not only giving us more time together, but her quality of life was similar to that she when she was several years younger! We would catch her often in a puppy-like mood, bouncing up off of the couch and running around outside. 

Blown away by the difference in her behavior, I talked to our vet about it as well as the other vets at the facility caring for Polar Bear. I brought it up to everybody!

I mean, when you think about it – A dog’s not gonna lie about something like that… I don’t think they can. We all know cancer doesn’t care.

CBD did something for Polar Bear, I saw it. It took us from a hopeless moment in the ER to more time with my best friend, so yeah – I’m a believer! 

This story alone is a big reason why I have been so driven to make RA! an outlet for other people to turn on their own wellness journey. I believe that if we do what we can to reduce suffering for other beings, we can have that much more space to ‘Live Free in Wonder!’

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